Wareham Town Museum is Reopening!

Wareham Town Museum

Museum Reopens on Saturday 16th April!

Wareham Town Museum is reopening on Saturday the 16th April. We have been closed for the winter since the end of October, but we have still been busy behind the scenes.
We were privileged to be able to offer the museum to host Santa’s Grotto for the Father Christmas Committee in December, and we look forward to welcoming back those families for a longer visit when
we reopen!

Santa's Grotto in Wareham

Our team have been busy sorting through our stored items and identifying any that do not fit in the museum and organising the transfer to other organisations.
During the last lockdown we discovered some hidden items, (see our
YouTube channel to watch the Curator exploring behind the cupboards),
including some items of taxidermy. These items require specialist care and we are delighted that Bournemouth Natural Science Society have offered them a new home. Many of the displays in the museum will
be updated and will include a display marking the Jubilee celebrations.
In such a small place we have many interesting displays, and we are particularly proud of our T E Lawrence exhibit.
Our opening event is this Saturday morning, 16th April 2022, where you can visit the Museum for the first time this year, and join in activities in the Corn Exchange, which will centre around the Queen’s Jubilee. There
will be a chance to come and reminisce about Jubilees gone by.
Maybe you have some memorabilia which you could bring along to show us?

Wareham museum is completely run by volunteers. If you would like to join our team, either on our front desk for a couple of hours a week or behind the scenes cataloguing the collection, then please contact Jacquie or Heather info@wtm.org. uk or leave a message on our answerphone
01929 553448.

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For more about Wareham go to – www.VisitWareham.com – a visitor guide and website for Wareham

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