Wareham Town Criers competition 2020

The first virtual Town Crier competition!

This week, on the 11th of July, it does not need to be a beautiful day in Wareham for the 12th Wareham competition, as it will be held virtually by Zoom!

A few Criers have offered to grace us with their presence in their official costume, maybe with or without their escorts.

They will ring their bells and give us their Home Cry, which must begin with three Oyez’s and then end with God Save the Queen. It must be between 100 and 125 words. The cry is judged on sustained volume, clarity, diction and inflection. However this may not be so easy when online!

Normally there is a prize for the best content cry, as well as for the best, second and third crier. Prizes are normally given also for the best dressed crier, escort and couple.

Unfortunately this year, there will only be the prestigious knowledge that one of the criers have won the first virtual Town Crier competition!

Those prizewinners from last year will defend their titles at the 13th Wareham Town Crier competition on the banks of the River Frome on Saturday 10th July 2021.

Pictured above is last year’s winner, Jacqui Hall.

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