Purbeck Property maintains a lockdoor policy

Staying open to assist both landlords and tenants

Since opening in 1984, Purbeck Property have been assisting the residents of Wareham with moving house seeing a number of different markets in the process.

With the current Covid-19 pandemic we are seeing an unprecedented dip in the sales and lettings market, with a number of estate agents closing their doors during the lockdown. However, we took the decision to keep Purbeck Property open throughout the pandemic, though on a lock door policy from 8.30am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday, with Mark and Daniel assisting all sales and lettings enquiries.

The main reason for keeping open was to assist landlords and tenants in paying rent, and for any emergency work that needed to be done, ie, boilers breaking down. So far we have been lucky in that we have not had too many dramas, but we appreciate that we would like all our customers to be in a safe environment. Having a locked door policy has stopped all customer contact with phones and emails being the main contact with our clients.

We appreciate that during these unprecedented times that you may require advice, particularly as a landlord or tenant, and if so please call Mark or Daniel on 01929 556660 or email sales@purbeckproperty.co.uk . Likewise if you are considering selling or purchasing a property once the pandemic has passed and would like some advice now please feel free to contact Purbeck Property.

In the meantime we wish everybody to stay safe and well.

Mark Olsen, Director

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