Monsoon Restaurant thanks Wareham’s great local community

Time to adapt, innovate and change, or collapse…

Just over a month ago, our whole world felt like it was about to fall apart. Restaurants like ours were forced to close their doors. Like many small businesses across the country, we were faced with almost certain extinction. A restaurant we built over 15 years ago was on the brink of collapse. For any Tiger King fans out there, to paraphrase Joe Exotic, we felt like we could never recover from this.

However, unlike many businesses, we were fortunate enough to be given a lifeline. The ability to continue to operate as a takeaway collection and / or delivery service. Like the majority of restaurants, takeaways have never been our main priority. Our takeaway service has always come second to our dine-in experience. However, in order to stand a chance of survival, we not only needed to quickly adapt, innovate and change the way we operate but we also needed to do it in a way which protects the safety of our staff and customers! We did, and continue to do exactly that.

Contact free delivery service…

We introduced a contact free delivery service almost immediately after lockdown began. Customers have the ability pay for an order over the phone and request for it to be left on their doorstep or other place of their choice. Thus, minimising the contact between the courier and customer. We have implemented measures within our restaurant to keep our customers collecting their orders safe. We invested in new technologies to improve our takeaway service which includes the purchase of an online ordering system to further increase efficiencies for our customers. We regularly update our social media platforms to keep the community and our customer base informed of key developments. We run a takeaway promotion every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday that offers great value for our customers. We are seeing an increase of new customers each week as a result of this.

We count our blessings each and everyday...

We have no intention of stopping or reducing operations during this pandemic. But we know we are not out of the woods just yet. Like many of us, we are taking things day-by-day. So we make sure to count our blessings each and everyday. We know how lucky we are to have such a great local community and customer base behind us. After all, when the summer months are over, the campsites emptied and the nights start to draw in, they are the ones that help us keep the lights on. We just want to take this opportunity to say thank you for the overwhelming support we have had over the last month or so. Thank you not just to those that have ordered, but to everyone that has wrote kind reviews, comments and have liked and shared our activity online. Stay safe.

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