Etches Museum Fossil Competition for Children

Etches Fossil Competition for Children

Children with an interest in fossils could see their local finds on display at The Etches Museum at Kimmeridge!

The Etches Museum have launched a UK wide Fossil Competition for Children. With the Jurassic Coast on our doorstep it could be a great opportunity for local children to join in!

The competition is for 5-16 year olds who have discovered a fossil. If they win they will get the opportunity for their fossil to be displayed at the museum, where thousands of visitors will see it!

The competition is open until 5th August. Every entrant will also receive a personal annual pass to the museum!

Six winners will have their fossil on display at the museum for 12 months and will also receive a free annual family pass to the museum. They will also have an opportunity to meet the museum’s founder, Dr Steve Etches, MBE, to talk about their fossil.

Please remember that the Etches Museum encourage all fossil collecting to be done within the recommended safety and conversation guidelines of your chosen fossil collecting site.

For more information on the competition see the Etches Museum Website.

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