A Concert For Ukraine

Ukraine Concert Wareham 26 March 2022
Come along and help us raise money for Ukraine at Wareham Town Hall!

On Saturday 26th March a concert will be held at Wareham Town Hall to raise money for Ukraine

This concert forms part of the Wareham Mayor’s traditional events to raise money for charity. Organized before the Ukraine war had started, it was planned to be a fundraising event for the Mayor’s chosen charities for the year – the Wareham Scouts and Guides. However, as the news of the Ukraine war broke and the tragic suffering of its people unfolded, everyone involved in the organising of the concert felt that the money raised should be donated to the Red Cross DEC Humanitarian appeal instead.

Unprecedented, worrying times...

Admittedly, it is unusual to change the beneficiary of a charity event mid plan. But unprecedented times call for unprecedented decisions. The local charities who would have benefitted from the concert are very supportive of the decision. The Guides leader of Wareham said she was very happy with the idea of donating to the Red Cross instead, saying ‘it is very important to support Ukraine in anyway we can.’ The Scout leader said he fully supports ’such a worthy cause’ adding ‘There are many of our fellow Scouts in the Ukraine that I imagine will be suffering a terrible time at the moment.”

The performers also are fully supportive. The Bovington Military Wives Choir spokesperson said ‘We are honoured to have been invited to sing for the mayor at his charity concert. Please come and join us for an evening to lift your spirits and raise money for Ukraine’

The concert features a performances from the Bovington Military Wives Choir and Claire Timms, vocalist and comic. Also included in the ticket price is a very tasty selection of interval refreshments provided by Wareham’s popular Italian Bakery!

So please join us for what should definitely be a Night to Remember!

Tickets prices are £15.00 for adults and £10.00 for children

All profits will be donated to the Red Cross DEC Humanitarian appeal for Ukraine.

Buy your tickets by clicking the button below or call Wareham Town Hall on 01929 553 006

'Slava Ukraini!'

'Glory to Ukraine'

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