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Terra Organics, Capella Hair,
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Needless to say lockdown and shutting of small businesses in Wareham has had a severe impact upon all of us.  The heart and soul of the town has been suspended.  But I’m glad to report that Terra Organics and Capella at 5a South Street have no intention of permanently closing down, and will reopen as soon as we are allowed to, and it’s safe for our staff and customers.

Alex and Sarah at Terra Organics are looking forward to opening the doors and serving great coffee and food again.  No doubt there will be social distancing and hand sanitiser at the ready, but at least extra tables and chairs can be set up outside to take advantage of the warmer weather.  Probably one of the most important things at the cafe is for the towns folk to talk and interact again.  There is a lot to catch up on.

Capella Hair, Health and Wellness is also keen to resume with hairdressing and provide a host of wellness therapies by its independent practitioners.  Capella staff are currently on furlough and Phil and Lyn Mills are eager to get back to work.  Our health and wellness practitioners have been unable to help clients during lockdown. Clearly, there will be an even greater need to restore physical and mental health after this storm has passed.

I hope you and your family are looking forward to a decent coffee, haircut or colour and some wellness therapy to restore your wellbeing.  In the meantime, try to think happy thoughts, summer is on the way.  Avoid looking and listening to all the negative media, read a good book, do some gardening, watch TV humour instead.

Everyone at 5a wishes you and your family well during this difficult time.  We look forward to seeing you soon. 

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